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I create a mini art college experience, where we not only learn about various artists from the past, but also how to effectively appraise each other’s work. While we critique our work, there are no negative criticisms. We all hold up our piece and say something positive about it, which makes everyone chirp in with supportive comments. This means that students become very keen to show off their work, knowing that positive critiques will come out of it. 

Sally-Ann Johns

Many artists are scared of presenting their work, but we establish a safe and supportive atmosphere that will help to instil confidence for their art, and beyond. There are numerous stories about emerging artists being put off doing art because of harsh criticism, as negative feedback can stop them from creating anything new. That is not to say that no critique is valid, just that encouraging young artists with positivity is more beneficial. I ensure that there is a welcoming non-critical atmosphere that is focused on the art and the art process in a positive way for enjoyment and pleasure, rather than any particular academic outcome.

I am really delighted about seeing the transformation in my students when positive feedback is used, as it really allows their natural creativity to emerge. When a student goes from being too shy to show off their work to being the first one to volunteer to be appraised, it is immensely rewarding. I enjoy teaching art in a fun and positive way to stimulate creativity and help develop confidence in my students.



I send out the odd update with information about new classes. Follow me on social media to see photos of the children's work.  

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